Veterinary Transfusion Medicine


A Historical perspective


Brought to you by Teviot Technologies®



1989 – A device is developed that is used primarily to collect platelets from humans.  That device is aptly named a MCS© which stood for Mobile Collection System.  It could accommodate all bowls manufactured at the time for various apheresis procedures – Platelets, Plasma and some therapeutic procedures.


1995 – Veterinary programs are released.  One specific to Goats while the other is for general animal plasma collection.  These programs are manually controlled by the attending technician.


At around this same time the PCS®2 [Plasma Collection System] was developed primarily for Commercial Plasma centers as they had no use for the multiple protocols available on the MCS.  To the common glance they look very similar but are unique devices.


As time went on, the MCS was replaced by a MCS+ which added a third pump and more pinch valves allowing for more efficient collections.  Ultimately the MCS was out of production and deemed ‘obsolete’ meaning that support would eventually end – no parts and no service.


This left those Veterinarian collectors in a quandary as there was no longer an appetite to create software similar to that available for the MCS platform.  In Europe, some creative Engineers deduced a way to modify the PCS2 so it would function with the MCS software.  As printed circuit boards evolved, this procedure became increasingly impossible to support.


2014 – Haemonetics® began to develop a Veterinary Software solution to be used on the PCS2. The software not only allows the necessary broadening of collection parameters but also assures no possible use of the Vet safety board on a human machine – this is by design.  Many procedures have been run with this software solution on horses and goats as the product was developed.


2018 – Towards the end of software development, Haemonetics® made a decision the exit the veterinary space.  Teviot Technologies® in agreement with Haemonetics® acquired a license to market this Veterinary Software. Using a re-purposed PCS2 together with an updated version of the veterinary software, Teviot Technologies® now offer a TT-VET device.  Teviot Technologies® can provide all requirements for veterinary plasma collection including devices, software upgrades and consumables.


The new rebranded TT-VET Machine and veterinary software supports a wide range of animal species and offers the user considerable flexibility in collection protocols.